How is Aug 1 2015 and TRID related?

Rates were hit pretty hard again this week, with a two and half week bomb. But luckily, we are starting to see some stabilizing from yesterday’s rally and again today. We will see what next week holds. Hopefully, positive movement in the market. In the world of TRID, I had another discussion with one of […]

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TRID, TRID, TRID – ok, I’ve said it three times fast! The TRID forms will be in use as of August 1st, 2015 – are you ready? I’m sure you all have attended trainings on it, but if not the two new forms (LE – Loan Estimate and CD – Closing Disclosures) are fairly user […]

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Always Use a Professional

For this week’s update, I thought I’d pass along a little piece of interesting information, basically addressing the “commoditizing” of our industry. My branch manager, Trevor, just spoke about this exact topic yesterday during his presentation and it’s in the papers today! Apparently, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit yesterday (note link to story) against […]

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