Available Products for Clients

As for the mortgage world, this week I wanted to highlight a few cool products that are available for current or future clients. I’ll hit it on three different levels – Jumbo, rural and restoration. First Jumbo – Sierra has many different products, but keep in mind: 90% LTV up to 850,000; 80% LTV up […]

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Welcome to Bond Trading

In regards to the mortgage world, rates have fluctuated tremendously during daily trading, but remained fairly steady over all. What this really means, is that the bond market, with a little turmoil from the notice of QE being dropped, has had major daily adjustments – our secondary marketing departments have been busy with two to […]

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Differing Information this Week

The mortgage world is full of differing information this week, or really, perhaps it’s just settling into a stable path. I’ll provide you information on first-time homebuyers, charts on housing trends and update on rates – so make of it what you will. ‘s First, according to an annual survey conducted by the National Association […]

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