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New Homes Sales Chart

For this week’s Mortgage Tips and Trends, I am providing the most recent “New Homes Sales Chart” which captures the month of May. No surprise, it’s the highest on record since the beginning of the year, only February comes close. In Lake Oswego we’ll have the upcoming 2015 Street of Dreams – The Highlands of […]

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Fed’s NOT Raising Rates Yet

This has been a great week for the mortgage lending and the bond market. With the Fed’s un-expected announcement on Wednesday that they will NOT be raising rates until later in the year, suggesting October or November, the bond market rallied quite nicely Wednesday afternoon and continues through today. So, we are making gains on […]

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Upcoming CFPB Changes

For this week’s newsletter, I wanted to highlight the upcoming CFPB changes that will occur on August 1st, 2015.  I have some brief details and then have provided a link to a video (5-6 mins. long) which details some of the forms that will be replaced and closing timeframes.  I hope you all find this […]

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